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Bordner Home Improvement


11701 E State Rte 350
Raytown Missouri 64138
United States


(816) 358-2102

Do you require a contractor to help with your home improvement project? Bordner Home Improvement is here to help you get the beautiful building of your dreams. We have vast experience with over 80,000 satisfied customers since 1987. We also offer a variety of services, using highly-skilled contractors and the right tools for delivering excellent service. Additionally, achieving customer satisfaction is our primary, and we ensure that we achieve it in every project we handle. Call us today to get a home improvement project with multiple benefits.


About Raytown

Raytown is a city in Jackson County, Missouri, United States, and is a suburb of Kansas City. The population was at 30,012 in 2020 census. The mayor of Raytown is Michael McDonough and the mayor pro tem is Ryan Myers. It is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. == History == The area where Raytown now lies was developed throughout the 19th century and early 20th century as pioneers moved westward along the Three Trails in search of available fertile lands and water.



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